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How this custom search engine works

Finding good sources

If you do a Google Search for for “Government Auctions” you are bound to find lots of sites looking to sell you a list or tease you with some items, and then require you to purchase a subscription for more.

What I have here is a simple web site that uses a custom Google Search from some of my favorite sites for finding items at Government auctions.

Some of the sites that I have included are:

  • – This is a free government web site, here you will find autos, electronics, etc.  There are even items on the site from Nasa (as of Mar-2012)
  • – Free to register and browse listings.  You will find items from all across the US and each item being sold will have its own rules
  • - Another free site, not quite as items as other sites.  There are lots of vehicles.  If you have a FFL, right now you can purchase firearms from the State of Tennessee.
  • - This site has military surplus items.  Over 500 categories to choose from.
  • Many more, to be added soon!

To give it a try just enter your search below, or use the search option on the right (both of them are the same)


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